Chinese Acupressure Massage
Chinese Acupressure Massage is the ‘manual therapy’ aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has a five thousand-year history proviing its effectiveness. This ancient healing touch is based on Taoist philosophy of working with the the concept of ‘Chi’ (vital energy) and ‘Yin-Yang’ (dynamic balance).
This learning aid DVD demonstrates the complete set of Traditional Chinese Acupressure Massage to revitalize the entire body’s ‘Chi’ energy and restore a state of total balance and well-being.
Available in DVD only.

QiGong Healing Exercises

Available in DVD only.

Tai Chi Yang Style
International Standardized Form
Available in DVD only.

Advance QiGong Healing Exercises
Flowing YiJinJing/ShiBaShi

Available in DVD only

Classic Qi Gong
Available in DVD only

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