“Having completed post-graduate university studies in the past and employing health education officers within the public health system, I consider Master Zhang Hao’s course preparation and presentation most professional and suited to Adult Learning”.
Helen Cacciola
CEO – Calvary Hospital

“I have achieved more than I have set out to learn. I hope others from future courses who follow after me will achieve the same satisfaction that I have achieved with Master Zhang Hao
Jeanetter Chiew
Registered Nurse

“Master Zhang Hao is a very capable and excellent Teacher. His students are of a very high standard. Graduating students from his course are granted entry to our association without further examination”.
Reg Warren
Former President – ARM

“Of the two university Degrees and the three Diplomas I have completed over recent years, I would say, without doubt, that the Diploma of Traditional Chinese Massage was the most challenging, stimulating, enjoyable and beneficial (both personally and professionally).

Master Zhang Hao created the course that is highly professional, relevant to both general and specific health issues, clinically thorough and based on a sound philosophy of life.”
Helen Clarke
The Board of director of St. Vincents and Mater Health Sydney
This has been a great achievement for us students to have not only completed your course but also it must be said a great pleasure to be taught by the master himself! Your many skills have taught us it’s not just massage we have learned but also how important it is to have the right attitude, good health diet and fitness.  These are Life’s lessons!
You have also displayed happiness and a great sense of humour how lucky we all have been! Thank You Master.
Diploma of Remedial Massage students
Thank you Master Zhang Hao for sharing the gifts of your knowledge + passion with us this year.  You have not only given us solid skill sets to build our practice on, but also opened our minds + souls to the one true art of healing!
Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine Remdial Massage students

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