What is QiGong? 
QiGong, also known as Chi Kung, is a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine that involves the regulation of the mind, breath, and movements to create a calm, natural balance of energy for health, healing, recreation and self-defense.
Qi – Refers to the subtle energy that gives the physical body life and vitality.
Gong – Literally means: exercise, effort, skills, repetition, etc.
Origins of QiGong
QiGong has a long tradition in China. There are records showing that over 5,000 years ago, people were imitating certain animal movements that had the benefits of warding off cold and damp illness in the winter. Over the years, QiGong has been developed and refined by Buddhist, Confucian and Taoist scholars, medical doctors and martial arts practitioners. In ancient times, QiGong was referred to by many other names, such as "DaoYin" – physical and breathing exercise; "TuNa" – exhaling and inhaling exercise; "ZouChan" – sitting meditation; "XinQi" – promoting the circulation of energy, etc.
Philosophy of QiGong
All matter is made up of "Qi" energy. It sustains the cosmos and permeates every realm of our existence, In order to maintain heath, one must keep bodily Qi running smoothly and at the balanced level.
There is also a subtle, energetic link between every living thing on our planet and we are all part of this delicate, life-giving balance, We can benefit by drawing energy from the natural world through effective breathing and deliberative/focused attention.
Schools of QiGong 
Taoist QiGong
Emphasizes longevity, strengthens both the body and mind, guides a harmonious relationship between the individual and the environment.
Buddhist QiGong
Emphasizes enlightenment, cultivates the mind to improve health and moral discipline, aims towards a purificatory relationship between inner self and outside world.
Confucian QiGong –
Emphasizes tranquility , encourages the mind to promote calmness and moral character, directs a peaceful relationship between the mind and breath.
Medical QiGong
Emphasizes healing, regulates the energy circulation to prevent illness and cure diseases, advocates a integrative relationship between the body and the mind.
Martial QiGong
Emphasizes fighting abilities, builds a stronger physique and will Power, aims towards an unifying relationship between mind and inner strength.
Principles of QiGong
  • Regulates the body
  • Regulates the mind
  • Regulates the breath
Benefits of QiGong
Builds up fitness
Restores vitality
Reduces stress
Prevents illness
Promotes health
Balances emotion
Enhances immunity
Purifies consciousness

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